Fletch has been involved with the sporting and fitness industry in one way or another for over 30 years. He was initially involved with elite basketball programs at the NBL and CBA level both as a player and a coach. Over the years this has progressed to other sports including soccer, cricket, softball and AFL, culminating in coaching the Queensland Disabled Electric Wheelchair Sports team to a National championship.

Fletch served for over 20 years in the Australian Defence Force with the Army where he took on leading training roles and developed an understanding of what it takes to train and prepare someone both physically and mentally for the many challenges that we all have to face. He offers years of experience and an understanding that we are all different when training and our bodies react differently to physical exertion. Fletch has been involved with many varied training styles over the years and believes that if he takes one good training tip from the hundreds of  people he has been involved with, then he is one hundred times better off – a philosophy he wants to pass onto his team.

Fletch is surrounded by a loving partner (Nicki) and family and to this day still enjoys all styles of training but the challenge he enjoys the most is Obstacle Course racing, which he and  Nicki have been involved with for some years. Ultimately, he loves getting involved with people at the gym and helping them achieve their goals. It’s a passion of his that he wants to help make your passion too!



Nicki has been actively involved in sport virtually all her life and has represented Queensland numerous times for swimming and water polo. Other sports of interest have been netball, softball, horse riding and general gym fitness.

While working as a journalist she was responsible for reporting on women’s sport, and later, worked in schools with children’s sport particularly with the New South Wales Education Department implementing the Active After- School Communities (AASC) program to small schools in northern New South Wales.  AASC is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time period. Nicki has also been involved in coaching swimming and athletics.

Nicki’s journey through structured health and fitness has been lifelong and has led her to develop a keen interest in nutrition and dietetics.

Nicki’s fitness philosophy is one of fitness for enjoyment and life: we should enjoy what we do to the point it is a natural and integral part of our lives rather than something we need to make ourselves do.  As a trainer, it is important for her to help her clients find the type of exercise that works for them and becomes a part of their lives.

Nicki competes regularly in Obstacle Racing and trains in this discipline regularly. For group training she enjoys delivering weights and resistance classes in the form of bodyweight, HIIT and circuit classes. Personal training sessions are designed to suit the needs and goals of each individual client.

She looks forward to being a part of your health and fitness journey.