Our Services & Prices


At FliteFit we offer a range of memberships to suit individual needs. There are no contract fees or lock-ins. Memberships are renewed on the same date each month through Mindbody direct debit.

We also have Holiday Rates for visitors to the Sunshine Coast.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 28 Day Challenge $97

Join us for 28 days to get your fitness off to a flying start. Increase your motivation, improve your training, gain nutrition knowledge. Make the commitment to make a better you! 

Available Now!

Everyday Athlete: $36/week

The Everyday Athlete combines a nice mix of all the group classes, full gym access and the mindfulness and mobility of Yoga Stretch. This does not include any Yoga classes offered outside the 9 am timeline. Weekly direct debit. Please allow two weeks cancellation.

Hardcore Crew: $40/week

You want it all - you're Hardcore! One Month Full Membership offers full access to the FliteFit gym and to all classes. Not content with just a couple of yoga based classes a week, you want them all! From strength, hiit, boxing and yoga - you want it, we've got it. Also includes gym access and program.

Namaste: $22.50/week

The mat is where you want to be - unlimited Vinyasa Yoga classes with classes offered five days per week.

Gym Crew: $24.75/week

You like to go solo and do your own thing. With unlimited access to the gym, you come and go as you please and are not governed by class times. Includes a program from one of the FliteFit Team.

Bootcamp $129/6 weeks

Join our military inspired Bootcamp held at different dates throughout the year.

Returning in Summer 2019

Jumpstart Challenge: $349

Jump back into health & fitness in a six week personalised challenge. Every week you will receive:

  • 2 x 30 min Personal Training sessions

  • a group class of your choice

  • nutrition advice & support

  • plus your own fitness program and full access to the gym.

    Let us work with you to help get you back in the gym.

Casual Class Visit: $20

Casual Yoga Visit: $20