FLITEFIT offers a range of Classes for all fitness levels. With more than 20 years military experience, our trainers can introduce you to high energy, fat burning, hard core workouts or boxing fitness. Those after a quick 30 minute burst can join our lunchtime HIIT classes and our Super Saturday WOD promises to give you a challenging start to the weekend.
For those wanting a mix of class styles or more traditional fitness, this can be found in our Strength, Circuit and Strength & Conditioning classes. Whether it’s a back-to-basics Bootcamp style, or a choreographed classroom, we have a class for you!

We also believe balance is an integral part of fitness and we should nurture and reward our bodies. At FLITEFIT this can be achieved  with our experienced trainers who can guide you through a meditative balance with classes of Yoga Flow (Vinyasa) and Yoga Stretch. 

Whatever your group fitness preference, FLITEFIT has a class for you with all of our trainers accredited and with lengthy experience in the health and fitness industry. 

Now with a dedicated fitness room, our classes can be run inside or outside enjoying the beautiful weather of the Sunshine Coast. Classes generally run for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Check the timetable for more details.