It’s not just elite athletes who use personal trainers...
People of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness benefit from having a personal trainer.


Do you want to..

•    Tone up
•    Lose weight or gain weight
•    Improve cardiovascular fitness
•    Increase energy, stamina & endurance
•    Increase and maintain sports performance
•    Increase muscle strength, muscle endurance, and muscle flexibility
•    Improve coordination
•    Improve immunity
•    Reduce stress and anxiety
•    Recover from injury or illness
•    Enhance self-esteem
•    Enjoy exercise

1-on-1 Personal or Semi-Private Training?

There are many differences between individual PT’s, semi-private and group training.

Personal Training: These are individualised one-on-one sessions with you and a personal trainer. These sessions are catered specifically for you and to meet your goals and needs. Our trainers are highly skilled and qualified in areas such as Master Functional Training, rehabilitation, sports coaching and periodised training.

Semi-Private Training: This is individualised small group training. With no more than four people in each group, you will receive a programme to your specific requirements. This is an eight week programme which starts with a comprehensive functional assessment. You still get personalised service but at less than the cost of personal training.

Group Training: These sessions are fun with groups ranging anywhere from 6 - 20 participants. These are not individualised but we will certainly be able to offer alternatives as required. This is for people who just want to get in a group and move while having fun.

Semi-Private Timetable

To book a session, go to the appropriate session below the timetable and click on the ‘BOOK’ button.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5.15am Semi-Private Training Semi-Private Training - Semi-Private Training - - -
6am - Semi-Private Training - Semi-Private Training - - -
8am - Semi-Private Training Semi-Private Training Semi-Private Training Semi-Private Training - -
3pm - - Semi-Private Training - Semi-Private Training - -
5.30pm - Semi-Private Training - Semi-Private Training - - -




Engaging a personal trainer is a great way to get personal attention so you can attain your
health and fitness goals in a safe, fun and motivating way. 

Personal trainers help YOU achieve your fitness really is "All about You"

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