FliteFit Christmas Party 2015

Not only do they go hard at the gym, our Flite Crew proved they are not lightweights when it comes to partying with the inaugural FliteFit Christmas Party held on November 21, 2015.

About 60 members, plus family and friends, joined us to celebrate our first seven months of FliteFit in the gorgeous upstairs function room at the Peregian Beach Hotel.  Photos have been downloaded to our Gallery page.

Not only was it a time to spend time with our members socially, it was also an opportunity for us to acknowledge people who have been invaluable in the establishment of the gym and also the hard work and dedication of our 100+ members.

Firstly we expressed our deepest gratitude to those people who help make the backbone of the gym - our trainers. Deb Constable has been with us from the start and has been awesome with her dedication and support. Ceri Williams was a member of Simply Fit and fell into a yoga teacher role when a last minute sub was desperately needed and has been with us ever since. Heather Braithwaite, Kim Rintell and Cherryle Enchelmaier have all happened to walk into our lives, or our gym, at a time when we needed them most.  These ladies are all part of the reason our members support us and we appreciate everything they bring to the gym.

Special mention was made of Mark Beard of Kreshendo for the FliteFit concept, branding, colours and website; Kristy Weller for our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and Tracey Beard for all our website and promotional photographs.

Since we've taken over and re-branded the gym, we have managed to increase our membership by over 120% and to celebrate this we presented our 100th member, Adrian Newport, with a FliteFit shirt.

Other members to receive awards were:

The FliteFit Award - Katie James

Spirit of Flite Award - Suellen Kirkpatrick

FliteFit Trainers' Award - Jacinda Jubb & Laura Cartwright

FliteFit Rookie Award - Greta Riddle & Stewart Swenson

FliteFit Yoga Award - Robyn Johnston & Iza Wells

Then it was time to have some fun with those awards for the fun or embarrassing things that happen in the gym. These were:

The Box Jump Award - Narin Harrison

The Big Break Award - Babs Dunne

WOD Perfect Hair Award - Peter Smith

Best Wardrobe Malfunction Award - Bobby Le Roux

Golden Gloves Award - Dan Kelly

Dancing Queen Award - Emma Crouch

Overall, it was a great night with good food and drinks and awesome company. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, a strong finish to 2015 and an awesome start to 2016!!