Newsletter October 2016

Welcome to our gym update. We have a bit of information to cover so please take a few minutes to see what's coming up for our FliteCrew.

We have had an interesting last few months. Our gym is still increasing in memberships and our members are still smashing the sessions that they are attending. Our Yoga team are still producing great classes and the feedback that we get is supported by our increase in yoga numbers. If you didn't know already, one of our oldest members, Babs, is on the mend after back surgery and we hope to see her back in the gym soon. Fletch has spent the past few weeks flat on his back in bed after his ankle fusion surgery and you can go to our Facebook page to follow his journey through his posted updates. Hopefully he'll be back in the gym soon to cause a bit of havoc. Fletch just wanted to pass on his thanks for all of the support he has received from our gym members, it's been totally awesome!
We want to encourage our members to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We frequently post pictures from our classes but get little interaction from our members. Please take the time to look at our pages and like our posts and comment!
You may have noticed some consistent theming happening in yoga classes over the weeks. Our yoga teachers have collaborated to theme each week’s classes to bring consistency to your yoga practice. We are loving the themes, however, we don’t think they will be having a savasana theme quite yet!

Summer Is Coming and Planks!

We have been extremely pleased with our members and the efforts they put in to get to the gym and enjoy our community. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way but if you haven't been for a few weeks (you know who you are) or made a commitment to your health and fitness at least several times a week, then just put one or two times aside next week to get your mojo back. We love the personalities we have at our gym and the commitment of our FliteCrew so get down here soon, you help create our awesome atmosphere!
Over the past couple of weeks, we have been doing a specific plank finisher in the classes to improve our core strength. Planks are amazing and a fantastic exercise for strengthening and stabilising the core. We have been increasing the time on each of our five ‘Around the World’ planks with the aim of completing the sequence of a minute on each, with only our knees and hands touching the floor, over the next couple of weeks. You can read about the amazing benefits of planks here.

Membership Price Changes

Don't forget that our prices are increasing as of November 1 as stated in our last email. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil to continue our high level commitment to you and the professionalism that you have become accustomed to! It's not a big increase - perhaps a coffee a week. You can review the new price list here 

Checking In and Lost Tags

It has become quite apparent that some members have lost their tags. If you have please let either Nicki or Fletch know and they will give you a replacement with a new number. It takes a lot for us, and can be quite disruptive, if we have to check members in before a class because they don’t have their tags.
So if you are one of our members that tends to forget we would appreciate more of an effort to SIGN IN please!

Christmas Party

It is that time of year again. Unbelievable!! Our Christmas Party this year will be held on Saturday, December 3, at the Peregian Beach Hotel - the same location as last year’s extravaganza. We will need numbers over the next few weeks. There will be a list at the gym so please put your name down for attendance and how many will be coming with you. $10 will get you entry, a free drink and finger food for the evening. We had an awesome time last year and hopefully can have another wonderful gathering of our members and their families. There will be a further email coming out in the next week with more details so keep an eye out for it. It really was a highlight of the festive season last year!

Spartan Race - Gold Coast

We are considering entering a team in the Gold Coast Spartan Sprint obstacle course race. It is an event +5km and has more than 15 obstacles on the course. We are looking for members that are interested in giving this a go. You participate as a team and it is about fun and getting everyone through. If you would like a challenge, then this is the one for you. Both Fletch and Nicki have competed in numerous Spartan Races and believe Spartan are one of the best organised events around. If you are interested, please let us know asap so we can register a team. If we can get organised early enough we can get tickets for $75, before they rise to $90. We can go down as a group and don't worry about your fitness level it is not until Saturday, 11 February 2017, so we have heaps of time to get it at a level that will get you through. If you’re doing our classes already then you'll be fine. We will add a few extra training sessions to go through specific training techniques for some of the obstacles that is always a bonus before competing in these events. Give it a go you won't be disappointed. We'll be right there with you for the whole journey!

Fletch Update

Fletch's operation went very well and his Doctor was very happy with the procedure. He has documented his journey on our FB page so, check it out and see what you think. The last two weeks has seen him flat on his back making sure that his recovery goes as good as it possibly can. Besides a few scratches on the walls he has come through the worst of it and can now start working on his rehab, so don't be surprised to see him back at the gym sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the rest of your week and we will see you soon!
Fletch and Nicki