New Year, New Goals, New You

Well the new year has certainly hit us, taken off and we're all sprinting trying to catch up! It's time to put all of those Christmas habits and excuses away for another 10 months and embrace our health and fitness goals. To put it more succinctly - NO MORE EXCUSES!! To help get you motivated and give you goals we have done fitness testing this week. You all now have something to aim for - when we redo the testing in eight weeks you will hopefully improve in all or most areas. If not, there is your goal for the next eight weeks. If you happened to slip through our net, come and book half an hour with us and we will happily put you through your paces. Don't worry, it's not hard and we make adaptions. What has been rewarding for us is seeing those people who are pleased and surprised with their results.
Which brings us to ... motivation (we all just heard that collective sigh/groan!). We all have slumps, periods of questioning or even total desertion of that little voice that keeps us going. Don't worry, that is totally normal. What is important is what we do about it. We all know that one person who never stops and makes us exhausted just watching them (enviously). They do not have some secret gene that keeps them smashing goals, they have simply learnt how to stop making excuses by keeping motivated. This usually starts with making attainable goals and by understanding and accepting that there are no excuses. That's right - none, nil, nada, non, zero, zilch! Why do we devalue ourselves so much? Our health and fitness is our greatest investment we can make in ourselves and the sooner we all understand this, the easier it will be to stay motivated. It does not matter what your goals are, only that they are important to you. Whether it's fitting into a pair of jeans, gaining bulk, abs or a desire to improve your overall health and fitness. Goals constantly shift and change, just keep them achievable and consider having short, medium and long-term goals. Write them down, keep them at hand and constantly remind yourself. Don't forget to reward yourself when you do attain a goal and, more importantly, SHOUT IT OUT because we want to hear about it!