Yoga At FliteFit

Yoga In the Heart of Beautiful Peregian Beach Village

Most people are come to Yoga to simply Feel Great and Less Stiff and Stuck. The benefits of Yoga are vast but many who attend classes once to twice a week note an: 

  • Increased Ability to Move Easier

  • Improved Range of Movement,

  • Reduction of Aches and Pain

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Less Brain Strain/Stress

Yoga at FliteFit is for everybody, every body type and for people wanting to improve how they move through their daily life. To a back drop of soft music and through a sweet blend of gentle and dynamic movements Yoga invigorates your body and then calms you.

If you are not as flexible as you would like, if you are doing physically demanding gym sessions like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or you are training for a marathon, perhaps you simply feel stiff and want to feel more fluidity in the way you move, Yoga just might benefit YOU. Our classes are a beautiful balance to intense workouts and/or the sedentary life.

A typical Yoga class is a sequence of balance postures, standing and seated twists, forward folds, back bends, inversions and less intense supported floor postures for strengthening and lengthening. You not only develop body awareness in Yoga you learn to better utilise your breathing and bring more oxygen into your body and increase blood flow throughout. 

Yoga is especially great for those of us who live with tight hamstrings and experience lower back tension and often feel lower back pain which often impacts us with poor digestion. Tight shoulders are also a very common physical issue for many people given our technology driven type of lifestyle. Postures that we move in and out of in Yoga address specific areas of the body through the constant movement of muscle contraction and muscle release, we learn how to allow muscles to relax offering a rest or pause for tired and tight muscles. Balance postures allow us to reduce mental fatigue and reduce stress. When balancing we develop a strong mental focus on steadying the body, this in turn aids us greatly in unplugging from our daily lives by moving from fragmented thoughts to holding one focus that sits with the challenges of holding the body in balance. 

Many doctors are recommending Yoga for the physical strengthening of muscles to support key joints like hips, shoulders and the spine along with the profound emotional benefits experienced by so many around the world.

Recent statistics run in the USA in 2013 reported that the number of people doing Yoga amounted to approximately 24.31 Million.  Yoga is for everybody, every body type and for people wanting to improve how they move through their daily life.

At FliteFit we offer Yoga and well-being classes six days a week incorporating, Yoga Flow (Vinyasa), Yoga Stretch and BodyArt.

By Kim Rintel